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PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Online Registration 2021

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has requested the poorest people of Pakistan to register themselves online for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme that will be launched on May 2, 2021. This program is aimed to provide relief to the poor and less educated. To get the cash support, a person should be worthy and should have a good CNIC number. Men and women who belong to the lowest income groups can apply for the Ehsaas Program 12000 Scheme.

After registering, you will be sent a message that you are not eligible to apply for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme. You can proceed with the registration process by providing your CNIC number and NSER data. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be informed through SMS and email. Once you are registered, you can start collecting the cash. You can apply for this program even if you have a previous bankruptcy.

Interested individuals can register for the program by filling an online application form. The CNIC number must be listed in the NSER data base. You can use the form to confirm your eligibility. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a notification via SMS or email letting you know your status. You must follow the instructions carefully or you will be disqualified from the program.

If you are an eligible applicant, you will need to provide your CNIC number and your NSER data. If you do not work for the government, you can skip this step and move on to the next step. Remember to provide your CNIC number and NSER data before you register. This will allow the government to make the right decision regarding your eligibility. It will make the process easier for you and your family.

If you are eligible to register, you can use the link below. To apply for the program, you must submit your CNIC number in the NSER data base. Afterwards, you must provide the information required to verify your eligibility. Once you have verified your eligibility, you should send a copy of your passport to the NADRA office. Your email will be used for the notification.

You should have a valid CNIC number. You should also have a valid health profile, as a blocked CNIC will not allow you to register for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash program. This is a great opportunity to get a free government money grant. If you can't afford the payments, you can sign up for the financial aid through another source of aid.

You should have a valid CNIC number. Your CNIC must be registered in the NSER data base. You must apply for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash program before the deadline. However, if you have not registered yet, you can do so now. And if you haven't yet, there are many more ways to register for this government cash aid.

The application process is free and simple. The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program requires that you meet certain requirements to be eligible. You should have an income of at least Rs. 10,000. You must have a bank account with at least three years of service. In addition, you must be able to pay your bills. The more money you have, the better. You need to be enrolled in the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash program to get the cash you need.

When you are applying for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash program, you must ensure that your CNIC number is registered in the NSER data base. This will help you apply for the program quickly and efficiently. After you've registered, you will receive an email or SMS notification about the award. You must be aware of your eligibility as a resident of Pakistan. It is essential to check the eligibility requirements.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022 Online Registration

The Ehsaas Kafalaat program is part of the Rashan Program 2022. It helps disadvantaged and unemployed people. The Kafalat registration process is conducted online and requires the beneficiary's ID card. Once the application has been submitted, the family will be notified if they qualify. A final selection will be made on 31 October 2021.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022 Online Registration

The government of Pakistan started the process of kafaalat registration online and reviewed the list of eligible families. The program is expected to benefit more than six million women and children in Pakistan. It is based on the Ehsaas Survey and will provide door-to-door services for a total of 10 lac deserving women. To apply for the program, you must have a minimum of a 1000-rupee mobile account and at least three or more family members.

To become an eligible beneficiary, you need to be eligible for the Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022. This program is a one-time payment to qualifying households. Once your application is processed, you will be paid for the first time. You will receive receipt messages on your phone from 8171. The Ehsaas Kafalalat program will help you get out of poverty by providing a stable income and empowering your family.

As of now, more than half a million households have already registered for the Ehsaas program. These households will receive the sponsorship benefits within two months. The other areas are expected to be included by the end of this year. So, get registered and start making your dreams come true! You can apply for the Ehsaas Kafalaat Program 2022 today!

The Ehsaas Kafalaat Program is a government program that gives eligible and deserving women a monthly amount of Rs. 2,000 for a mobile phone. It is a government initiative that aims to provide smartphones to the poorest women in Pakistan. The program is linked to the BISP program, and has started the registration process online.

The Ehsaas Kafalaat program is currently being conducted in 70 districts. It will be held in June 2022 and will help over 10 million families. The funds for the program are provided for primary education, secondary education, and other needs. There are ten million beneficiaries, and the money is a one-time payment. The Ehsaas program will help poor families to improve their lives.

The Ehsaas Kafalaat program is being launched in all 70 districts and has already registered over a million families. The families of these districts will start receiving the sponsorship benefits in two months. The government plans to extend the program to other areas. The aim of the Ehsaas Kafalalat Program is to help the poor people in the poorest of the society.

The Ehsaas Kafalaat program is being implemented by the government for the disabled people. Those with an ID card should contact the special person card holder. The special person card must be obtained from the Ehsas Registration Desk. This registration will be completed on the 30th of June 2021. The program will continue for another three years.

The Ehsaas Kafalaat Program 2021 is being offered through an online registration process. It will be distributed in 9,000 districts and will include areas that have been excluded from the Ehsaas Program. The program is a benefit to the disabled and has several other benefits. The beneficiaries can apply for the program by completing the registration form online.

After the registration process is complete, the distribution of the Ehsaas Program is expected to take place in all 70 districts in Pakistan. As of today, it is expected to be completed on June 30. The money will be dispersed in all the cities. The distribution of these grants will be distributed to eligible applicants. If the government approves the Ehsaas Kafalaat application, the recipients will receive a scholarship from the government.

The Ehsaas Kafalaat Program will provide stipends of Rs 2,000 to 70 lakh poor women. The program aims to free these women from poverty and create a social security program to help them earn more. The Ehsaas Kafaat Program will make it possible for millions of Indian women to get a stable income through the program.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Ehsaas Emergency Cash program

The Prime Minister launched the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program on May 2, 2020. The fund will provide cash handouts of up to Rs 12,000 to deserving individuals. Here are the details of the program. Interested persons can visit the web-portal of the fund at to get further information on the program. This article has been written by the authors, and is provided with the permission of the Ehsaas Trust.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been launched on April 1, 2020. It is an emergency cash scheme for the poor and the vulnerable. It has a budget of Rs. 203 billion and is currently covering over fifteen million families in need. The government is targeting people with low incomes to provide emergency cash to them. It has a SMS campaign that helps identify those eligible for the scheme. In order to apply for emergency cash, individuals can send their CNIC number to 8171. To make the process simpler, the government has launched a web portal for applying and registering.

In order to avail of the scheme, applicants must have a valid CNIC number. The CNIC number must be present in the NSER data base. If the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, he will be notified through email and SMS. In case the applicant is a civil servant, he will be informed via SMS. After that, he will be required to pay a registration fee. To become a beneficiary, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program is free to apply and is administered by the government.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program is a great example of a government's commitment to people with limited incomes. This cash transfer program aims to break the cycle of poverty in Pakistan and to eliminate social injustice. It is also a useful tool for the poor to regain their independence. In the United States, it is estimated that about 4.5 million people are eligible for the scheme.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program will continue to be an important part of the reimagining of social protection post-Covid-19. This program is a great way to counter external shocks and is designed to provide assistance for those in need. The cash is available to eligible people through the Prime Minister's COVID-19 Fund and the government's National Insurance Expense Reduction Fund, as well as by local governments.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program will provide a one-time cash disbursed in four monthly installments of Rs. 1,000. It is a government-funded program, and the money will be paid out in one large lump sum of Rs. 12,000 to every eligible beneficiary. In addition to the monthly payments, the government has made available an app for the program, which allows the recipient to make purchases.

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been a huge success in helping affected families in Pakistan recover from the coronavirus crisis. It has covered more than 15 million households and its budget was more than Rs. 203 billion. The fund's SMS campaign helped identify eligible applicants. The SMS campaigns are a vital part of the program. There are a few requirements to apply. A CNIC number must be registered in the NSER database.

In addition to the mobile app, the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program also includes a website that allows recipients to view real-time information regarding their benefits. The portal provides breakdowns by district, tehsil, and province. There are also many benefits and services provided by the Ehsaas emergency cash program. By filling out a short form, you can access the portal and make a request for assistance.

Applicants must be enrolled in the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) before they can apply for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program. The NSER data base is the database that allows organizations to target the most targeted groups. Using the NSER database, Ehsaas will help you find eligible applicants for the program. If you qualify, you will be notified through SMS or email.

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9 things a man wants in his life

9 things a man wants from a woman in bed

9 things a man wants in his life

Intimate life is important for every man, so a woman should know what exactly her beloved wants in bed. Now there are many wrong opinions that should not be guided by.

Everyone should remember: intimacy is important for relationships and it is he who makes them strong and happy. If you do these 9 things, men will be happy and the relationship will sparkle with new colors.


Of course, the initiative for sexual intercourse should almost always come from the man. But why not approach your loved one with such a proposal a couple of times a month?

There is nothing terrible or criminal in this, but it will turn out to pleasantly surprise him. And most importantly, you will be able to show that the man is attracted to you.


It is mistakenly believed that men do not like foreplay at all. This is not at all the case, he also really likes them. It is only important to remember that sex should be varied. If everything goes according to a clear plan, then occasionally it is worth adding new colors and movements.

Beautiful underwear

Many girls think that men will not appreciate beautiful lingerie and will just pull it off in a few minutes. But, even if you do not hear any words, this does not mean that he will not remember it.

Beautiful lingerie significantly increases your attractiveness, so this move should always be done in order to strengthen intimate relationships.


When it comes to long-term relationships, sex becomes the norm only at certain hours and even days. Spontaneity will help improve relationships, especially if they have faded.

Why not try making love when he doesn't expect it at all? The simplest example: returning home by car, you can find a "dark corner". Each of the partners will receive positive emotions.

Say his name

This advice may seem strange at first glance, but it works and has already been proven to be effective.

Every person is pleased when his name is spoken. There is nothing difficult in calling him by name several times during sex.

Dirty talk

As statistics show, men are delighted when their women start to utter dirty words.

If you can't get over yourself, you can do it easier simply by making certain sounds. In no case should you be silent or speak calmly.

Lack of security

Safe sex is great. However, if you have been with your partner for a long time and completely trust him, why not give him such an opportunity? He will definitely remember this intimacy.

Sense of humor

There are situations when things don't go according to plan in bed. The best solution every woman can come up with is to turn any situation into a joke.

If you don't have a sense of humor, it's best not to apply this advice.


"Tricky" women know that they need an orgasm during sex. Of course, not all men are able to bring the matter to him. But how else?

You need to go to certain tricks and, if a man realizes that he is able to bring his other half to orgasm, then he will continue to try even harder.

And the fact is that you don't have to play the second time. And if this happens, the next time the man will try his best.

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Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (2021) [Hindi Dubbed & English] [Full Movie]

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (2021) [Hindi Dubbed & English] [Full Movie]

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a 2021 American superhero picture based on a narrative she co-wrote with Tom Hardy, who plays Eddie Brock / Venom alongside Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, and Woody Harrelson in the Marvel Comics character Venom. Brock tries to adjust to life as the alien symbiote Venom's host, while serial killer Cletus Kasady (Harrelson) eludes capture after becoming the host of Carnage, Venom's vicious offspring.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage.2021.720p.CAMRip.HINDI.DUB.1XBET DESCRIPTION: Venom: Let There Be Carnage.2021.720p.CAMRip.HINDI.DUB.1XBET DESCRIPTION: Venom: Let There Be Car 2 Hindi Dubbed 480p 720p x264 English Subs BRRip DD5.1 300MB

Film Review: Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage 2021

"Venom: Let There Be Carnage," fueled by Tom Hardy's love for the original material, is a big achievement in terms of fan service and dark comedy that mostly hits. Definitely a step up from the first film, however, it could have used another 15-20 minutes simply to develop the characters.

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi): Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi): Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi): Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi): Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (Movie) in Hindi Dual Audio 720p 480p HDRip (In Hindi): (Movie) Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

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you season 3 in Hindi Dubbed movie download

You season 3 in Hindi

The 3 seasons of the American suspense thriller ride TV series was requested by Netflix on January 14, 2020. It also includes a continuation of Goldberg's loving relationship with another young man who is pregnant with his young man in a rural home.

In a relationship with Ally Entertainment and A + E Studios, created by Warner Horizon Television (currently Warner Bruce TV), the main season is based on the 2014 novel Caroline Capnins and which follows Goldberg, which He is the director of the York Bookshop and a perpetual executioner. Gaga goes for a client named Ginwerbeck and quickly promotes a limitless, toxic and baseless fixation. The following season Joe goes to Los Angeles and falls at the feet of Leo Queen, a close beneficiary.

'You (Season 3) 2021': TV Review :

We will hear our stalker describe 10 scenes (more than 8 hours) as he designs his casualties' downfall. The typical counterfeit, not genuine, flashbacks of a useless youth. Stalker ready to keep away from the clearest scientific analyst examinations (very none which causes this series to appear to be in fact counterfeit). Casualties, obviously, are not exactly amazing people so the compassion point is out. Screen time is 90+% unsurprising exchange talking heads I made great use, in saving my time, by ff. Might require help in case this was an agreeable breathing easy diversion.

You SEASON 3 Hindi Complete 720p

Above all else, heaps of congrats to Penn Badgely's boss and unpleasant going about as the perplexing and psycho lead character bearing dull privileged insights of his past prompting the perilous individual he is displayed in the present in the show. He was flawlessly projected, shot the entire series vertical, and is an entertainer brimming with explicit gifts as fans recall him well in Gossip Girl.

That being said, the distinction and predominance of season 2 over the first, IMO, was the projecting and presence of Victoria Pedretti who sparkled and without any assistance lifted the season 2 without help from anyone else. She merits a large number of assignments and at last honors as does Penn Badgely as the lead entertainers, along with different selections for the actual show beginning at the renowned Emmy 2020.

On a side note, kindly remember and disparage the exhibitions of Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell in season 1, who splendidly acted and are among the reasons, which make this show interesting.

"You" will endure for the long haul because of its newness, subject, prevalent acting, and exceptional methodology, all around took care of by the thrilling novel via Caroline Kepnes.

Strongly prescribed series to watch, appreciate and consider upon as most audits and evaluations do it equity.

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The Flash season-1 in Hindi Dubbed

The Flash Season-1 in Hindi dubbed

After the lightning strike, Barry Allen woke up from his extreme lethargies to find that he had been given superspeed power, turning into a blaze, battling wrongdoing in Central City. | Barry Allen, a measurable researcher with the Central City Police Force, was struck by lightning in a strange mishap. At the point when he awakens following nine months, he understands that he can accomplish extraordinary speed.
Flash is an American hobby TV collection added with the aid of using Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Jeff Johns, circulating on CW. It relies upon the DC Comics individual Barry Allen/Flash, a savage wrongdoing warrior who has the capacity to transport at very barbaric rates. It's a curve with a bolt, in a comparable mythical universe. The collection follows Barry Allen, added with the aid of using detective Grant Goston, who obtains an extremely sympathetic speed, which he makes use of to warfare lawbreakers, inclusive of different humans who've procured divine-human capacities.


Episode 17 - download [Not available]

#the flash #dubbed movies #hollywood movies

The Flash (Season 6) 9-Episode English language

The Flash (Season 6) 9-Episode English language

The sixth session of the American TV series The Flash, in light of the DC Comics character Barry Allen/Flash, debuted on CW on October 8, 2019. Who has gained otherworldly capacities? It is set in bolts, shares congruity with other TV series in the universe, and turns the bolt. Season delivered by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. TV, and DC Entertainment, Eric Wallace is filling in as Schwarzenegger.

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Episode-1- [Utorrent]

Episode-2 - [Utorrent]

Episode-3 - [Utorrent] 

Episode-4 - [Utorrent]

Episode-5 - [Utorrent]

Episode-6 - [Utorrent]

Episode-7 - [Utorrent]

Episode-8 - [Utorrent]

Episode-9 - [Utorrent]

Free Guy (2021) Hindi dubbed movie

Free Guy (2021) Hindi dubbed movie

Free Guy (2021) Hindi dubbed movie

Free Guy is a 2021 American sci-fi action Lampon film based on the story of Lieberman, co-produced by Sean Levy and scripted by Matt Lieberman and Zac Payne. In the film, Ryan Reynolds plays a banker named Guy, who realizes that he is indeed an Anon player in an open-world computer game and turns into the center of the story. Tries to avoid being canceled by the game maker. Judy Kamer, Joe Kerry, Lil Rail Howery, Atkarsh Ambedkar, and Taika Vetti are also working in the film.

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What is bodybuilding?

What is bodybuilding?

What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is the process of building muscle through training and following a specific diet that promotes muscle development. Often, bodybuilding is called a thankless job, meaning people who are not predisposed to building muscle, but, nevertheless, work hard at it. Bodybuilding is practiced both for general physical development and improving visual appeal, and for competition.

Achievements in bodybuilding are judged by the physical attractiveness of the athlete and his ability to demonstrate his body. There is now a movement to recognize bodybuilding as an Olympic sport. But, this movement has opponents. There is a constant debate between supporters and opponents whether bodybuilding is a sport, and whether people who practice it can be considered athletes.

The main task of bodybuilders, or, as they are also called, bodybuilders, is to demonstrate their muscles in various positions in the most impressive way. The art of posing is a big part of the competitive process, and many bodybuilders spend up to half of their training time perfecting their posing technique.

Bodybuilding should not be confused with sports such as weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, or competition for strength athletes. The goal of bodybuilding is a special aesthetic balance of muscle mass and not records in demonstrating your strength.

There are many exercises and training techniques used to build and adjust muscle mass, both for competition and for general fitness. Oftentimes, people are divided into two categories: 

1) those who are able to consistently build mass and strength through regular exercise, and 

2) those who quickly reach the breaking point and slow down in the process. The latter are often called people of the ectomorphic type, or the English word "hard gainer", which means a person who is not genetically predisposed to building muscle mass.

The most common way to build muscle is to gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells and barbells and the resistance level of the training equipment over an extended period. When the muscle-building limit is reached, or the date of the competition is approaching, bodybuilders focus on slimming their muscle mass.

Some bodybuilding professionals are inclined to believe that the training program should include exercises with weights of moderate weight, where the number of repetitions in each approach is determined by the physical fitness of the practitioner, and alternating with weights of higher weight. Others advocate training with the highest possible weight and low reps.

When doing bodybuilding, it is important to add vitamins, minerals, and protein to your diet. The sports nutrition market offers a wide range of protein shakes and other nutritional supplements, which will be enough for the novice bodybuilder. There are also chemicals, but, in most cases, their use is prohibited and not recommended due to their negative impact on human health.

Anyway, and no matter what others say, the best technique for a bodybuilder is to experiment with different exercises and training programs. The main thing is to find a technique that suits your body. Combining the right workout with a good protein diet and well-organized rest will give you the desired and enjoyable result.