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Signs of Success: Is happiness money?

Signs of Success: Is happiness money?

Signs of Success: Is happiness money?

Money, children, career, family - what determines a successful person?

Money is just a means, not an end

Kindergarten, school, university, high-paying job, career growth. Approximately this simple stereotyped scenario of success is reliably hammered into the heads of modern youth and most parents. The measure here is the amount of money received. The bonus is fame and power. Only young children want to become pilots, firefighters, astronauts, bulldozers, bus drivers, and rescuers. Only irresponsible kids dream of buying themselves a mountain of ice cream and chocolate. It's not for long. By the age of 13, it will be explained that bulldozer drivers, plumbers, and other auto mechanics - are losers. Successful people sit in offices and wear ties. And you should not dream of a carriage of marmalade, but a heap of money. This is how childhood ends and the thorny path to success begins, the criteria of which are universally recognized and not discussed. At school, success is an A and, preferably, a gold medal. "You will go to work as a janitor or the factory" scare parents Losers. Maybe he would not mind, but now it is clear that this is very bad and upset the parents, and friends will laugh.

While the child breaks his teeth on the granite of science, parents are looking for a compromise between the prestige of the university and their financial capabilities. The fact that after school it is obligatory to go to the university is not discussed. This is an essential step on the road to success. There are a lot of proposals. There are some very funny ones. For example, the popular specialty "State and Municipal Administration". This is to go straight to the "queens" in a tie and an official's chair. Only five to six years separate a young student from the beginning of a happy life. A private yacht, several cars, a summer house in Italy, expensive outfits - the whole world is at your feet. Just hold out your hand.

Someone will reach out. There are very few such people, and, as a rule, they are helped by parents who have reached earlier. However, for the vast majority of newly minted lawyers, economists, managers, and executives, happy life does not begin with graduation but ends. Until the end of their days, they will remember their student years as the most wonderful time of their lives then they had not yet gone to "success", but were only getting ready. In the meantime, they have to understand that employers are not interested in specialists without work experience, but with an enviable financial appetite. Realizing that the average job-seeker ishe is an ambitious person with a higher education who does not know how to do anything; employers are smart when looking for employees for unenviable positions. They do not need a peddler, but a sales manager, not a cleaning lady, but a hall owner, not a courier, but an assistant manager, not a poster, but an advertising manager. "Office work", "For sociable people with an active lifestyle", "Career prospects" something like this. Fly in!

Someone will remain a peddler, someone will make a "career". Be that as it may, it is almost impossible to earn enough money “to have enough”. There are always a few of them. In this case, for some reason, the "Tale of the Goldfish" does not teach us anything. "Success" as money is like an unattainable carrot in front of a donkey. It is the mythical “success” that makes us blindly and stubbornly wade into an unknown destination, without making out the road. In this case, we, as a rule, do not pull our cart. What for? Is it possible to earn a certain amount of money, in the presence of which you will say to yourself "everything, now I am happy?"

- Tell me, Shura, just honestly, how much money do you need to be happy?

- For complete happiness?

- Yes.

- Six thousand four hundred.

In my opinion, a successful person is one who does what he loves and receives recognition, who is close to his children for the rest of his life, who did not spend years of his life on something that later turned out to be of no use to anyone. Money, that is, food, housing, clothing, etc., is necessary, I admit it. Only as a means, not an end.

If a very old man goes to the other world peace, about anything without feeling sorry and ashamed of nothing, he succeeded.

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