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Small tricks to make big money with AdSense

Small tricks to make big money with AdSense

Small tricks to make big money with AdSense

If you are reading this article, you have surely looked for new solutions and strategies to be able to increase your AdSense earnings with the banners you have placed on your site or blog.

But, before revealing some best practices that will solve your problem, I would like to introduce the topic with a short paragraph dedicated above all to those who have recently used the Google AdSense circuit or who are thinking of joining it in order to immediately monetize with their own. site or blog. 


  • What is AdSense and how does it work? | A quick summary
  • How to increase your earnings in a short time?
  • The AdSense mini-glossary
  • Tip 1: big size = big gains
  • Tip # 2: where to place AdSense banners?
  • Tip 3: ad fonts and colors
  • You can earn a lot with AdSense but...
  • To increase the revenue of AdSense in a drastic DEVI:
  • Choose a topic that is well paid and that you are passionate about
  • So which topic to choose for a site?
  • Smart SEO to get traffic
  • A short demonstration
  • I want to start: what is it for?
  • So what are you waiting for to apply these small changes?

What is AdSense and how does it work? | A quick summary

When it comes to the topic of "earning with the internet" and "earning with blogs ", the first solution suggested is the Google AdSense circuit which, after an approval process, allows the publisher to insert banners, links, and groups on their site. Of ads that generate revenue every time a user clicks on the displayed ad.

AdSense has an excellent system that can detect the interests of users who come to your site and uses this information to publish the most relevant banners, those that could arouse interest in the reader and therefore entice him to click on the banner. For each click, you will receive a profit that can vary from 1 0.01 dollar up to a few dollars (in the USA some clicks are also paid 35 dollars).

How to increase your earnings in a short time?

Unfortunately, there is no safe, fast, and 100% effective method that guarantees to increase Adsense earnings right away; surely, there are strategies that you can apply on your site in a few minutes and that will make you notice an increase in CTR, CPC, and clicks on AdSense already after a few days.

If you are still new to online advertising, you probably won't know in detail the meaning of the acronyms I just mentioned; do not worry, I will immediately explain their meaning.

The AdSense mini-glossary

In the course of your activity with the Google AdSense circuit (but also with many other similar services that offer online advertising) you will often hear about CTR, CPC, RPM, and many other technical terms that can put you in crisis at least for the first period.

Here is a mini glossary with the most frequent AdSense terms. Memorize them and everything will seem clearer to you:

  • Impression / impression: with the impression, we mean the view by the use of an element on your site that is an image, a page, or an AdSense ad (in our case).
  • CTR - Click through rate: is a percentage value that indicates how much an ad published on your site is clicked in relation to the impressions and views of the ad or page. In mathematical terms, the value of CTR is given by the ratio between the click and the number of impressions or views the page. In this regard, there are different types of CTR: for pages, search keywords (queries), and impressions.
  • Clicks: The number of clicks on your ads.
  • CPC - Cost per Click: This is the amount earned per click on an ad on your site. Obviously, according to Google's policy, it will not be possible to know the single earnings for each click, in fact, the CPC entry in Google reports is given by the ratio between earnings and the number of clicks obtained in the fraction of time indicated by us. For example, if in December we earned $305.64 from 870 clicks, we had a CPC of about $0.34
  • RPM - Revenue per Mile: Revenue per thousand impressions, it is a value that indicates how many revenues we have for every 1000 impressions obtained? The value is given by the formula (earnings/impressions) * 1000. Another example to be clearer: we earned $9.78 with 3500 page views; the RPM will be around $2.79!

Follow step by step the advice I will offer you in the following paragraphs and in a few weeks write in the comments of this article what results in you have found and if you have managed to earn more with AdSense!

Tip 1: big size = big gains

As with a newspaper, magazine, or commercial, the greater the advertising space granted, the greater the profit for the publisher.

Then, place the largest and most privileged AdSense banners on your site over the smaller ones.

According to various tests carried out, the highest paying AdSense ads have the following dimensions:

  • Large square - 336 × 280 pixels
  • Medium Square - 300 × 250 pixels
  • Leaderboard 970 × 90 pixels
  • Skyscraper (vertical) 160 × 600 pixels

This does not mean that by inserting banners of other sizes you will not be able to earn more but in most cases, these have given better results in a short time!

However, you are required to always test and re-test new placements and sizes for AdSense ads.

Tip # 2: where to place AdSense banners?

Many wonder what will be the best position to place a banner on the site/blog so that readers are encouraged to click the ad. There is no single solution and each type of site and design has different behavior in this regard.

In general, as also suggested by the heat map of Google, the most ideal areas where to place AdSense banners are those in which falls the reader's eye: title, content, sidebar, and header of the theme.

It is generally said that the ads must be positioned "above the fold", that is, in the first part of the site that is viewed without scrolling with the mouse, but this statement is not always true!

But I want to offer you some more ideas, briefly revealing to you in which strategic positions it is best to place AdSense ads to get more clicks:

  • Banner 300 × 250 in the body of the text, better between the 3-4 paragraph (to be tested between left and right)
  • Banner 728 × 90 above the title of the article or under the navigation menu of the site
  • Horizontal link unit immediately below the article title
  • Skyscraper 160 × 600 in the sidebar to the left (if present)
  • 336 × 280 ads at the end of the article

If you have a WordPress site, you can insert AdSense banners with the help of several plugins available for free, among these we find:

Quick AdSense - Easy to use the plugin, offers the possibility to insert Adsense ads in articles and pages, choosing a position, alignment and if it should be incorporated in the text. Among the options we find the possibility of incorporating the announcement at the beginning-end of the text or after a certain number of paragraphs. The graphic interface is easy to understand, and it also adds buttons to the text editor to insert advertising banners directly during the drafting of the article. Rating = 8/10– Link

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) - This is Google's official product dedicated to publishers using WordPress. Easy to use, after an automatic analysis of the website pages, it indicates with an arrow where it will be possible to insert an ad, and directly from the interface new ad units can be generated. The plugin still needs to be improved as it is not very stable and offers few possibilities for placing ads. Rating: 5/10 --Link

Easy AdSense - It is the most complete of the plugins that I am recommending to you regarding the customization and placement of banners but the settings panel is rather confusing and unclear. There is a paid Pro version that includes some additional functions but not essential for proper functioning. Rating: 8/10 - Link

Tip 3: ad fonts and colors

A third very important tip concerns the look and feel of AdSense ads. As long as Google chooses to publish illustrated/rich media ads on our site (those with images, so to speak ...) there is not much to worry about but when the text ads appear then it is also important to take care of their design.

To customize the appearance of an ad unit must sign in to your AdSense account, go to the section Ad units (in my ads) and choose to edit a unit that already exists or create a new one.

Then just click on the " Use custom settings " button at the bottom and you will have the possibility to change the font, color of the text, and links in order to make them more similar to the content already present on your site and to its design, so that of text can be better integrated with the contents without "dazzling" the readers' sight.

Many industry blogs often read that image ad have a better cost-per-click (CPC) than text ads, so they recommend setting ad units to only show traditional image banners, animated or flash.

Nothing could be more wrong, in fact, from personal experience, I can prove to you that the announcements of the text are those that generate more revenue in your AdSense account.

In the screenshot below, you can verify that 76.8% of last December's revenue was generated by a well-optimized text ad in font, size and colors.

If you do not know how to complement the colors and font of text ads AdSense, make sure you call the style of your site so:

  • use an ad font that is similar or identical to the content on your site
  • make your links and ad URL the same color as your links
  • adjust the size of the text so it does not clash with the rest of the content

You can earn a lot with AdSense but...

... I can guarantee you that it is not as simple and obvious as it is said on hundreds of books, blogs and videos on YouTube.

To increase the revenue AdSense in a drastic DEVI:

  • choose the main topic where AdSense ads are well paid (hosting, health, insurance, mortgages ...  we will discuss this in-depth in the future article)
  • do smart SEO for your site
  • try and try again dozens and dozens of combinations to arrange AdSense banners in strategic positions where they can get more clicks
  • the cure to maximum the content published on your site

Better clarify some of these points, so you can start making the right changes on your site/blog and plan these operations for future content that you are going to publish.

Choose a topic that is well paid and that you are passionate about

As already mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, we do not know how much a click of one of our readers on an AdSense ad will be paid but it will certainly vary from a single $0.01 up to a few dollars.

To determine the CPC is the brains of Google AdSense, according to a system of auctions among advertisers who invest in online advertising with AdWords decides how much it will cost a click on an ad published on your site based on the budget set by those who advertise a product or service in the circuit.

At this point, to better explain this paragraph, I consider it appropriate to give a practical example:

A company produces smartphone covers and sells them for 6.11 dollars: it decides to run an AdWords campaign, then its ads will appear on affiliate sites that talk about technology, mobile phones, and IT.

Obviously, to get a gross profit of 6.11 dollars, an advertiser decides to spend a maximum of 0.1 dollars per click and only part of this will come to you who have placed AdSense ads on your site. Then it may take 10 or more clicks to earn at least 1.22 dollars!

On the contrary, a bank or a car dealership, which generates a profit of thousands of dollars from every negotiation will be willing to invest even 6.11 or 12.22 dollars for each click on the AdSense banners that will bring traffic to its site. So with a few clicks, you could get a profit of 22-36 dollars ... not bad!

So which topic to choose for a site?

Surely one that you are passionate about and of which you want to spread your knowledge about it with the whole community of Internet users, but if you want to devote your attention to the most profitable categories of AdSense, try to focus your site on hosting, servers, loans, mortgages, insurance e forex.

Smart SEO to get traffic

After choosing the right topic and created original and valuable content, you must dedicate yourself to doing SEO: optimization for the engines of research, the main source of the traffic to your site.

A whole book would not be enough to talk about this topic but, to increase AdSense earnings you will have to pay attention to the content on your site, so let's talk about on-page SEO.

To send a targeted ad, AdSense is able to detect the interests of users and also the key the topic of a site, reading the keywords that appear most frequently on its pages. So, when writing articles remember to include important keywords or key phrases to allow robots to better recognize what your site is about.

Remember not to abound too much with keywords and, if you need the right measure, try following these instructions:

  • publish articles of at least 800 words
  • enter the main keywords in the title and URL
  • divide into paragraphs using the headings H2, H3, H4… and insert the important keywords in these
  • write the keywords maximum twice in each paragraph and varying them in a form (eg: computer on offer, notebook on offer, IT offers and so on)

Good SEO optimization will guarantee you good traffic of readers interested in your content and also to click on the AdSense ads that will be well contextualized with the key topic of your site.

A short demonstration

To show you that the tips on how to increase Adsense earnings provided in this article really work, I post a screenshot of an Adsense account showing the progressive growth of impressions, clicks and CTR on a site with sufficient SEO optimization and some changes made to Adsense ads and their position.

The table shows (from left to right) the date, the impressions, the clicks on the ads, the CTR, and the related earnings that must be obscured for the Adsense regulation.

As you can see, in about 10 days, clicks increased by over 150% with a slight decrease for December 31st where visits were reduced on the occasion of the New Year.

What have I done? I placed a 728x90 banner above the post-title and embedded a 336x280 ad in the article text between the third and fourth paragraph with right alignment. It is not sure that such a configuration will bring you certain advantages, but by following the advice I gave you above and doing a p0 ′ of experiments, in a short time you will find that by changing the position of an ad or its colors you will be able to get more clicks and therefore earn more!

I want to start: what is it for?

If you want to start immediately with the implementation of these tips to earn more money with AdSense, I suggest you get an agenda or create a spreadsheet where you will note the changes made day by day (banner position, size and color combination) and the results obtained that you will be able to read in the “Performance reports” tab of AdSense.

Whenever you apply a change to your ads, remember to take a screenshot of your site so you can accurately memorize the layout of the banners and their style.

To collect useful data and implement a winning strategy, experiments with new ideas a single once a week or every 10 days, do not make changes every day otherwise you will not be able to obtain valid reports for clicks, CPC, and CTR.

So what are you waiting for to apply these small changes?

I hope this article has been to your liking and maybe it will also be useful for some of your friends who want to increase AdSense earnings with some useful tips, so I invite you to share the article on social networks!

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