Frizzy hair? The tricks to protect them from rain and humidity

Frizzy hair? The tricks to protect them from rain and humidity

Frizzy hair? The tricks to protect them from rain and humidity

How to get rid of that annoying frizz on your hair? So here are the basic, easy, and quick secrets to protect your hair in the dullest days

With autumn, rain,  humidity, wind and sudden changes in temperature, the problem of frizz on the hair arises. A problem that afflicts many women, whose hair  becomes  frizzy, stringy and dull at the first signs of rain.

If we want to protect the hair from the humidity we must first try to understand what are the reasons why our hair curls and swells in such an unsightly way. The change of season, which involves an alteration of metabolism and hormonal levels, is certainly one of the main culprits, followed by the summer aftermath of sun and salt, which make the hair more fragile and dull, and by the climatic factors typical of the cold season. , such as sudden changes in temperature, wind, rain, and humidity.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the more  porous the  hair, the more sensitive it is to the action of atmospheric agents which further open the cuticles, making the hair frizzy, puffy, and dull. The porosity of the hair  depends on their nature: for example,   curly and wavy hair tends to be more porous than others, but the phenomenon can occur as a result of coloring, sun exposure, and advancing age. It is therefore important to take care of your hair through a series of restorative seasonal treatments or specific lotions and vials to restore some strength to the bulb; remember that a hair porous absorbs the active ingredients of balms and masks much less than others: for this reason, it needs to be nourished constantly.

The tricks to avoiding frizz

Whatever your hair type, it is very likely that in the presence of rain and humidity it tends inexorably to curl and become frizzy. Here are 5   basic tips to save your hair from gloomy days and always have a perfect style!

  1. Before using the blow dryer, let your hair dry partially in the air slowly and naturally - this step will help you avoid frizz. Furthermore, it is always better to use a professional ion hairdryer, which facilitates styling thanks to the release of ions, molecules that avoid the "electric" effect on the hair and regulate the lengths.
  2. While drying your hair, use a fine-toothed brush for more control to straighten it, and with soft bristles, preferably boar bristles, which help close and smooth the cuticles thoroughly. 
  3. To avoid frizz, it is very important to dry your hair completely   before exposing it to moisture. To avoid any risks, at the end of drying, direct a jet of cold air on each section of hair that you have already ironed, so as to close the cuticles and seal the humidity inside the hair.
  4. Always keep some hair-saving accessories on hand: elastics, barrettes and hairpins can be very useful if you are away from home and you notice that your hair starts to get frizzy and swollen. At the right time you can recover them in no time, improvising a braid, a ponytail or a messy bun.
  5. If, despite all your efforts, a really bad day for your hair lies ahead, go for a hat! In fact, to solve a bad hair day, it will be enough to show off a trendy and colorful cap: it lifts the outfit and also the mood.

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