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Oily hair: discover 5 useful remedies on how to treat it

Oily hair: discover 5 useful remedies on how to treat it

Oily hair: discover 5 useful remedies on how to treat it

For you the solution to oily hair with 5 remedies to have it clean and light

Oily hair is really difficult to treat especially in the summer when the heat, sweat, and frequent washing seem to make the problem worse. No fear! These simple tricks will help you get shiny, light hair and say goodbye to excess sebum!

No to frequent shampoos

The more you wash your hair, the more the scalp becomes irritated and produces sebum: there is nothing to be done, it is a vicious circle that can only be interrupted by decreasing the frequency of shampoos.
The first tip to follow to say goodbye to  oily hair  is therefore to space the shampoos as much as possible. 
Also, opt for  specific shampoos  against oily hair or a light shampoo with a neutral pH, so as not to attack the scalp.

Pay attention to the amount of shampoo

When you wash your hair, remember that a few drops of shampoo are enough   and, before applying it on the scalp, it must be diluted in a little water and spread between the palms of the hands. Then gently massage your scalp with your fingertips, so as not to irritate it.

Hot/cold rinse

When you rinse your  hair, use hot water first and then cold water: hot water helps eliminate excess sebum, while   cold water is ideal for closing the hair cuticles   and making them shine.

Apply the conditioner carefully

Washing oily hair doesn't mean leaving it without deep hydration. If you want to apply a conditioner after shampooing, however, be careful to apply it only on the lengths of the hair and not on the scalp.

Avoid hot air

Finally,  dry  your hair with warm or cold air: hot air irritates and inflames the scalp.

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