How to give hair volume: useful tips

How to give hair volume: useful tips

How to give hair volume: useful tips

All the tips, quick and easy, to transform fine and flat hair into full and voluminous hair

A voluminous and well-hydrated hair is every woman's dreamFlat hair  at the roots, dull and difficult to manage can be a physiological characteristic, due to a particularly thin capillary cortex, or the consequence of stress and bad eating habits. In addition,  long and/or fine hair, especially if it is straight or slightly wavy, tends to have no  volume, giving the hair a flat and anonymous look. 
However, there are some simple and effective tricks that will help you have more voluminous hair and counteract the force of gravity. Discover them now!

Change towards!

Usually, when you dry your  hair, you tend to follow your natural line; it is precisely there, however, that the  hair  has less volume: just change the side of the line to immediately have a more voluminous effect! If you also suffer from " unruly hair  ", dry it upside down, to lift all the roots well, also insisting on some specific points, so that the heat maintains the given volume

Go for dry shampoo

Dry shampoo  is the ideal product to use between washes the other to prolong styling and pop the  hair  clean longer and is easy to use: just vaporizable a small amount onto the roots and massage with fingertips until complete absorption. The  dry shampoo  cleanses the  hair  giving the hair a clean and tidy look, absorbs excess oil and soothes the scalp. In addition, it's volumizing action lifts the hair at the root, adding  volume  to the styling. The best? This one marked  L'Oréal Paris  and with an invisible texture.

The curlers, the timeless allies of the volume

The  curlers  are among the accessories  styling  for  hair  most beloved. With a vintage flavor, but with very modern functionality, they are widely used by hairdressers and in the backstage of the most important fashion shows, thanks to their ability to create a more or less defined wavy hair look. If you have little time available,  thermal curlers  are definitely the best choice: after dividing the hair into macrosections and heating the  curlers, take a 3-5 cm strand and wrap it on the  curler  starting from the end and rolling it towards the skin; to secure the lock, use the butterfly or elongated pliers you will find in the set. Once you are done with all the strands, leave the  thermal curlers  on for about 20-30 minutes, that is, until they have cooled down.

Back your hair for an 80s effect

The  coloratura  is always ideal to give  volume  and body to your hair; suitable for all hair types, the important thing is not to overdo it, so as not to risk compressing all the hair on the roots. You need to  backcomb  enough to support the hairstyle and give the hair some thickness. To give  volume  to your hair, choose the part you want to  backcomb  and divide it from the rest of the  hair, then isolate a section of two or three centimeters and stretch it upwards. At this point, comb your  hair backward up to the roots, always working on the inner side of the lock, et voilà, that's it! To  tease your hair  flawlessly, I recommend this  Tangle Teezer comb, the best ever.

No time but a great desire for volume? Use extensions!

The extensions are really miraculous to give volume and fullness to hair. If you don't have time (or money) for professional hairdressing extensions, you can resort to clip-on extensions, which are minimally invasive, easy, and quick to put on and remove. These here are the most purchased on, and are available in different shades.

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