Sea salt and benefits: the secret ingredient to add to your shampoo

Sea salt and benefits: the secret ingredient to add to your shampoo

Sea salt and benefits: the secret ingredient to add to your shampoo

To have bright, strong, and fragrant hair you don't need to spend a lot of money looking for the perfect shampoo: here's how to do it using only sea salt. The dedicated guide

Did you know that Salt, an ingredient that we all use every day to season dishes and flavor soups, can also, be used for other purposes? Salt is a precious element with multiple characteristics and functions, used not only for cleaning the house, to eliminate mold from the walls and to polish and whiten fabrics, but also a great ally for the care of our body.

In fact, today we are talking about its great regenerating function for our hair. Here's how to use this great and effective natural remedy.


Salt can also be used outside the culinary sphere. Perhaps you will be surprised to discover how valuable it can be for the well-being of the scalp. Here because:

  • Does the shampoo you commonly use make your hair greasy? Don't worry, try putting 2 or 3 teaspoons of your table salt inside and proceed with the normal washing. When you dry your hair you will notice it shinier and drier just because the salt has absorbed the oil from your hair.
  • Always with a couple of tablespoons in the shampoo, you can proceed with your weekly washes: this amount of salt will be useful for fighting small dandruff problems. Salt also acts on the scalp as an effective natural antifungal.
  • Furthermore, sea salt is a great ally for the growth of healthy and strong hair. Its presence in the shampoo stimulates natural hair growth as well as making it fragrant and shiny. You need to wash your hair and massage your scalp with sea salt for 10 minutes. Immediately afterward you can rinse with warm water and you will notice after drying soft and even more voluminous hair . You can carry out this treatment with frequent washing: 2-3 times a week for a couple of months.


As we face summer and therefore a greater sun exposure, then remember to limit or even interrupt this treatment in view of the sunniest months. The hair could wear out thanks to the combination of salt, due to the days spent at the sea, and the power of the sun's rays that do nothing but lighten and weaken the hair especially on the ends. 

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