Solid shampoo: practical, compact, and ideal to carry in your bag

Solid shampoo: practical, compact, and ideal to carry in your bag

Solid shampoo: practical, compact, and ideal to carry in your bag

Today, more than ever, plastic should be eliminated so say goodbye to bottles because there are solid hair cleaners on the market: they are practical and help the environment

Today more than ever there is greater attention to the environment and even cosmetics and hygiene products companies are trying to make products not packaged in plastic. Here we find solid hair cleaners on the market. The term "solid shampoo" is used in the trade, but a distinction must be made between solid shampoos and hair soaps. Here are the main differences.

Solid shampoo

The shampoo solids are an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid shampoo. Their composition is similar to that of a liquid shampoo to which water has been removed. They are composed of surfactants, oils, perfumes, and dyes mixed and pressed. They are much cheaper: 1 piece is equivalent to 2-3 bottles of shampoo. Also, the pH of solid shampoos is generally the same as that of the skin.

Hair soaps

Their production takes place through the saponification of fats and oils with lye. The products have a basic pH, which is why it is recommended to carry out the so-called "acid rinse" after shampooing. This rinsing can be carried out with a solution of water with vinegar or citric acid which must not be rinsed afterward. The acid rinse offers numerous advantages: it closes the hair scales making them very shiny and helps prevent limescale from settling on the hair. Preparing it is very simple, just dilute a tablespoon of vinegar or the tip of a teaspoon of citric acid in a liter of water. 

Which one to use?

By now many companies have seen the benefit of making products in solid form and offer solid soaps or shampoos for all hair types and tastes. If, on the one hand, hair soaps have simpler formulations, on the other hand solid shampoos are easier to use because they do not require the additional step of acid rinse and are therefore perfect for switching from liquid to a solid product.

Tips for use

Solid products are practical, compact, light, economical, and take up very little space. Just rub them between your hands to create a lather which can then be applied by massaging the scalp directly with soapy fingers. It is essential to keep them well and protect them from water stagnation, letting them dry after use on a simple soap dish. 

Practical for travel

They are very practical to take on trips and, being solid, they can be carried in hand luggage. Just put them, strictly dry, in a special soap dish or in any alternative (a glass jar, a jar).

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