The difference between shrimp and shrimp

shrimp and shrimp

The difference between shrimp and shrimp

You are in fish, shrimps, prawns, shrimps and prawns: to choose to prepare your "seafood linguine"? What are the differences between these products?

Prawns and prawns

The prawns, as the same term indicates, are larger than the classic prawns: in fact, the latter measure about 10 cm, while the prawns also measure 20 cm; however, unlike what many think, the difference is not only in size because they are also different species: the classic shrimps are the pink shrimp, the white shrimp and the "gobbet" shrimp (the latter is mainly summer); the prawn, on the other hand is the red or purple specimen (also called imperial).

In the case of shrimp, on the other hand, the difference with shrimp is actually just a matter of size: it is pink and white shrimp that still have to grow. Their flavor is more or less the same, although shrimp is sometimes tastier than large specimens.

And then there are the prawns ...

They are a particular species of shrimp: the difference is both in color, pink in the classic shrimp, and Havana with black streaks in the shrimp, and in size, a little larger then those of the shrimp. As for the flavor, shrimp and prawns, compared to prawns, are undoubtedly more delicate, but it is by far the prawns that have the finest meats.

Differences aside, all these crustaceans are renowned for their delicacy and their goodness, plus they have lean meats and are perfect for those on a diet, because they have a very low-calorie intake compared to other sea products: in 100 g of product there are only 71 calories; they also contain very little fat (0.6 g).

How to recognize the best products in the fish market?

  • Pay attention to the color, which must be uniform and bright
  • The head must not detach from the rest of the body and must not be blackened, otherwise, it means that the product has been treated with some substance to prolong its conservation
  • The loss of freshness is also visible from the inflating of the abdominal muscles.

How to store crustaceans?

Shrimps and prawns are extremely delicate foods, which must be eaten or frozen as soon as possible. They should be kept in the refrigerator, well covered with cling film or placed between two dishes, for a maximum of 1 day. If they are very fresh, you can freeze them in special, well-closed bags, taking care to eliminate as much air as possible.

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