Thursday, August 5, 2021

Wide grip pull-ups on the bar

Wide grip pull-ups on the bar

Wide grip pull-ups on the bar

Wide-Grip Pull-Up - Exercise is mainly aimed at developing the muscles of the back - the broadest muscles, large and small rhomboid muscles. The biceps are also involved in the work, especially if you change the grip, making it parallel or turning the wrists towards you - a reverse grip.

Main working muscles: latissimus, rhomboid.

Auxiliary muscle group: shoulders, biceps.

In its own way, the pull-up on the bar is basic and basic for the development of back muscles - for both beginners and professionals.

This exercise is universal! It doesn’t have to be done on the day you are training your back muscles. It can be performed regularly, especially if you have a horizontal bar at home, which can now be purchased in every sports store.

Pull yourself up, changing the grip and the result will not take long. The back will take on the shape of a triangle. Posture will become even! And this is not a little - it is important!

Wide grip pull-ups on the bar - execution technique.

1. Stand under the bar, raise your hands up, it should be at a height of 15 cm from your fingertips.

2. Grasp the bar with a wide, straight grip. Cross your legs and bend them slightly at the knees. Cross your legs and bend them barely at the knees.

3. Begin the pull-up on the exhale while lowering the inhale. At the top, try to touch the bar with your chin or rise a little higher.

4. Do the lift using the back muscles, not the strength of the arms. As you rise, bring your shoulder blades together, pulling your shoulders back.

In this exercise, there is no specific number of repetitions and approaches. Try to do 50 repetitions, not at one time - no, calculate the load yourself, everything is individual, for everyone. And most importantly, when performing pull-ups, do not allow any jerks and jerking by the body, all movements are smooth. Feel every muscle on your back!

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